7 Aug 2012

Hot Chocolate Anyone?

If you've been in to Milkbar for a hot chocolate, you know they come in very special cups. They are both beautiful to hold and beautiful to look at; and were made exclusively for us by local ceramicist Serena Rosevear. Free of handles, her cups are designed to slow you down for a moment, experience the soft tactility of their polished exterior, and enjoy the warmth of your beverage with your hand.

Serena is interested in objects; how and why we choose, use, give and discard them, and in the influence they have over our gestures.  She makes objects which, though highly refined in finish, retain a handmade quality and provide a tactile experience in the hand of the user. Serena’s Honours project investigates the use of digital machining technologies in partnership with ceramic processes, and the nature of qualities which define handmade objects.

For those who fall in love with the hand-thrown porcelain vessels, they are available for purchase at Milkbar. They come in two colours - a striking retro orange or a soft mid-century mint, and are dishwasher safe.


  1. They look great
    Il pop in and buy a hot chocolate.

  2. Looks AMAZING! Can you open a milkbar in scotland? :-) aberdeen is in need of a cool place like that! I wish I lived in launceston!

  3. Those cups are awesome! I'll definitely have a hot chocolate next time I'm in the neighbourhood! :)